The Asia-Pacific Workshop on Lithosphere and Mantle Dynamics, first held at Taipei in 2016, aims at gathering the Asia-Pacific community of researchers in lithosphere and mantle dynamics, seismology, mineral physics, and geochemistry to stimulate discussion and collaborative works. The 2nd workshop, to be held at Yokohama on August 2018 under the support from JpGU (Japan Geoscience Union) and JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), is planned to deepen discussions on:

Thank you very much for your participation and contribution

Dear all participants of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Lithosphere and Mantle Dynamics,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the the 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Lithosphere and Mantle Dynamics, I am writing to thank you for your participation and support for the workshop, which successfully ended on 8 August. We learned much from the excellent presentations on recent scientific and/or technical achievements in the dynamics of lithosphere and mantle of the Earth and related fields. We also greatly benefited from the discussions and conversations, which deepened international collaboration and friendship between us.

We hope that all of you arrived home safely, despite the disordered traffic caused by the typhoon. Once again, our thanks to you for helping to make the workshop such a great success.

Masanori Kameyama, Takashi Nakagawa and Takashi Tonegawa
(on behalf of LOC members)

Date & Venue

August 6 - 8, 2018 (+ post-workshop excursion on August 9)
Yokohama Institute of Earth Sciences (YES), Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Yokohama, Japan

Notes for Presenters/Attendees

Last update: August 6, 2018.
In order to avoid bad weather conditions expected on Wednesday, the schedule of Day 3 (August 8) is going to moved up by 30 minutes and shortened. Please check out a new schedule, and be sure to come by 8:30 on Wednesday, NOT BY 9:00 !!
In addition, our lunch on Day 3 will be ready at the diner in the 1st floor during 11:00--11:30, meaning that we do not need to go out in a heavy rain due to typhoon !!
Because a typhoon is approaching Japanese islands, particularly Kanto area on Thursday, the post-workshop excursion to the Hakone Geopark (Day 4, August 9) is most likely to be called off. The planned attendee are kindly asked to wait for the final decisions by LOC, which will be announced at the beginning of Day 3. is almost full, reaching maximum capacity of 25 participants as of August 1. has only a few vacancies, with 18 attendees (plus some accompanying persons?) as of July 10. If you are going to join the excursion, please let us now immediately!

Important Dates

by April 30, 2018
Registration for attendees who need VISA on their immigration into Japan
by July 15, 2018
Registration for early-bird discounts
by August 1, 2018
Abstract submission / Registration for regular fees


Registration is open on February 1, 2018 !

Attendees of this workshop are requested to register yourselves by sending the following information via email either to

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation
  3. E-mail address
  4. Position (Faculty, Researcher, Post-Doc, Students)
  5. If a visa is needed for your entry into Japan ?
    If yes, please let us know ALL the following items needed for issuing visa.
    • Date of your birth,
    • Your passport number,
    • Your present address, and
    • Your issuing authority (Embassy of Japan or Consolute General of Japan)
  6. If you join post-workshop excursion ?
  7. Remarks (if any, e.g., number of accompanying persons)

Due to the capacity of our equipment, registrations from up to 100 participants can be accepted. (Up to 25 guests can join the post-workshop excursion to the Hakone Geopark.) (Up to 40 guests can join the post-workshop excursion to D/V CHIKYU.)

Abstract Submission

All presenters are requested to prepare and submit his/her abstract(s) via emails by August 1, 2018. All abstracts are expected to be:

A template file can be downloaded, either in Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats. (Note that the LaTeX template is zip'ped.)


In the workshop, LOC is planning 2.5 days workshop and 6 scientific sessions in total. Click here for the PDF version of program. The PDF version of abstracts is now available both for invited talks and contributed posters, in addition to invited lecture.
Day 0 (August 5) Afternoon
Registration and ice breaker reception (@ Guest House, YES)
Day 1 (August 6) Morning
Ocean Floor Drilling and geology of subduction and collision zone
  • Plenary Speaker: TAIRA, Asahiko (JAMSTEC)
  • Invited Speakers: MORISHITA, Tomoaki (Kanazawa Univ.) & BAUVILLE, Arthur (JAMSTEC)
  • Discussion Leader: ONO, Shigeaki (JAMSTEC)
Day 1 (August 6) Afternoon 1
Mineral physics and geochemistry
  • Plenary Speaker: KIMURA, Jun-Ichi (JAMSTEC)
  • Invited Speakers: TASAKA, Miki (Shimane Univ.) & BINA, Craig (Northwestern Univ.)
  • Discussion Leader: OHTANI, Eiji (Tohoku Univ.)
Day 1 (August 6) Afternoon 2
Poster Presentations
Day 2 (August 7) Morning
Earthquake seismology
  • Plenary Speaker: BARBOT, Sylvain (NTU, Singapore)
  • Invited Speakers: KANEKO, Yoshihiro (GNS) & TERAKAWA, Toshiko (Nagoya Univ.)
  • Discussion Leader: HORI, Takane (JAMSTEC)
Day 2 (August 7) Afternoon 1
Seismological imaging of subduction zones
  • Plenary Speaker: NAKAJIMA, Junichi (Tokyo Tech.)
  • Invited Speakers: CHANG, Sung-Joon (Kangwon National University) & KUO, Ban-Yuan (Academia Sinica)
  • Discussion Leader: KODAIRA, Shuichi (JAMSTEC)
Day 2 (August 7) Afternoon 2
Poster Presentations
Day 2 (August 7) Evening
Day 3 (August 8) Morning
Geodynamics modeling
  • Plenary Speaker: MITTELSTAEDT, Eric (Univ. Idaho)
  • Invited Speakers: FLAMENT, Nicolas (Univ. Wollongong) & LENG, Wei (USTC)
  • Discussion Leader: TAN, Eh (Academia Sinica)
Day 3 (August 8) Afternoon 1
Planetary Geophysics
  • Plenary Speaker: KAMATA, Shun-Ichi (Hokkaido Univ.)
  • Invited Speakers: VIELLA, Kenny (Academia Sinica) & HELFFRICH, George (ELSI)
  • Discussion Leader: FUJI, Nobuaki (IPGP)
Day 4 (August 9)
Post-workshop excursion (OPTIONAL) to Hakone Geopark (up to 25 persons)
OUR SINCERE APOLOGIES: The tour to D/V CHIKYU has been called off owing to the unavailability.


All attendees are requested to book their accommodation by himself/herself. Do not worry, a lot of hotels are available in central Yokohama !

Attendees are also kindly asked to commute by himself/herself between JAMSTEC and his/her hotel. Almost all participants will take either:

followed by about 15 minutes' walk to the YES of JAMSTEC. Please referer to the Location and Access to the Yokohama Institute of Earth Sciences (YES) of JAMSTEC. During the period of Workshop, a shuttle bus will be available between JAMSTEC and Yamashita Park (near Chinatown).

Travel to Yokohama

Yokohama Visitor's Guide

Local Organizing Committee & Scientific Session Committee Members

KAMEYAMA, Masanori (Ehime Univ./JAMSTEC)
MICHIBAYASHI, Katsuyoshi (Shizuoka Univ.)
OHTANI, Eiji (Tohoku Univ.)
CAPITANIO, Fabio (Monash Univ.)
DESCHAMPS, Frédéric (Academia Sinica)
LEE, Changyeol (Chonnam National University)
SUN, Daoyuan (Univ. Science Technology China)
TAN, Eh (Academia Sinica)


Japan Geoscience UnionJapan Geoscience Union (JpGU)
JAMSTECJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)